Pendampingan Kader Posyandu Keliling dalam Era Pandemi COVID-19 di Kecamatan Sukodono


  • Anies Marsudiati Purbadiri Universitas Lumajang
  • Irma Sahvitri Lawado Universitas Lumajang


Effectiveness, Rights, Circumference, Pandemic Covid-19, Posyandu


Posyandu is a momentum for mothers and children to meet to check their children's growth and development, and the Government has facilitated this activity by providing adequate infrastructure in order to present a healthy and quality generation in the future. The cadres' agility and diligence, with assistance from the Puskesmas in every Posyandu implementation, greatly influence the efforts to optimize the results of examinations and health monitoring of toddlers. At SukodonoPermai Housing, Sukodono District, cadres have implemented innovative ways to facilitate the fulfillment of the health rights of toddlers during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely carrying out their activities on a mobile basis, which means going around to visit houses of pregnant women and mothers of toddlers directly. so that toddlers do not lose their rights to support growth in their golden age. The results, according to the Puskesmas, are very good, in addition to monitoring the health conditions of toddlers and pregnant women, this method can also eliminate the transmission of the corona virus in the local environment. Another impact observed by the Puskesmas was that the public and village government enthusiasm to support this activity was very large, in line with the intense enlightenment carried out by government officials across sectors. Thus, an academic analysis can be carried out from the socio-juridical side, the results of which can be used as a reference for other regions, in the face of an emergency, particularly in relation to the implementation of the posyandu.


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