Desain Desa Wisata Selotapak Kecamatan Trawas Berbasis Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dan Potensi Alam


  • Endah Asmawati Universitas Surabaya
  • Arif Herlambang Universitas Surabaya
  • Erna Andajani Universitas Surabaya
  • Hendro Sutowijoyo Universitas Narotama


Selotapak, gartenhutte, penanggungan, wangan tengah terrace


Selotapak is one of the villages in Trawas Mojokerto. Beautiful natural potential makes this village worthy of being a tourist village, besides local culture. The natural beauty of Selotapak has made this village one of the citizens' version of the “paradise village”. The main problem is how to make Selotapak village a tourist village based on community empowerment and natural potential. As a first step, a small team was formed by the village government. Then carried out mapping of village potential, making tourism concepts, and presenting the results. The concept of Selotapak tourism is tourism of natural (penanggungan mountain, rice fields, and terraced rice fields) as well as cultural preservation based on community empowerment.  Because tourist locations are not located in just one place, it is necessary to create a tourism concept that can integrate all locations. Each location has its own characteristics and is different from another. Selotapak tourism is a combination of village-managed and independent tourism. As an initial design, 4 sub-designs of tourist locations were made, namely cultural preservation (traditional clothes) at the tourist information center, “Beautiful Selotapak” in the wangah tengah terrace, a playground at the ubalan source, and “My penanggungan” at the Gartenhutte cafe. The design that has been made has been approved by the government and related partner. The village government has also budgeted more than 60% of the village budget to realize this tourism.


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