Kreatifitas Masyarakat Mengolah Bunga Kulit Jagung (Kelobot) untuk Meningkatkan Ekonomi Keluarga


  • Sri Sumarliani Universitas Lumajang
  • Anies Marsudiati Purbadiri Universitas Lumajang


creativity, interest, Kelobot, improvement, economy


Creative efforts to make a flower-based corn skin (Kelobot) done by the community in the village Mojosari Sumbersuko Subdistrict Lumajang District, initially concentrated to support the needs of raw materials making bouquet, Korsase, Bros, Bando done by the community. But in its development, the interest of Kelobot is a lot of attention from consumers and the policy stakeholders because the creation can be aloborated with the business people who are certainly worth the greater Comastia. Therefore, it is worth noting the sustainability of the business, both from the quality of the results and its operational legality, and the steps that are carried out by the Government and/or other third parties that have competence and attention to the world of entrepreneurship. With the legality of the producers and their production products have a juridical protection, which can also potentially become an environmentally friendly effort that leads to the addition of economic value for the community from the efforts to use the waste of agricultural products in the form of corn (kelobot).  


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