Usaha Mencegah Pelecehan Seksual pada Anak Usia Sekolah di SD Darul Ulum Bungurasih Waru Sidoarjo


  • Nur Hidaayah UNUSA
  • Nunik Purwanti UNUSA


school age children, education, sexual harassment


Children are often subjected to sexual abuse because they are perceived as weaker and powerless. They do not yet know the boundaries of which body parts to guard and not to be touched by other people. Interviews with several students at SD Darul Ulum Bungurasih admitted that they had experienced unpleasant things, such as: being held by their genitals, chest, buttocks, by close people or strangers. The purpose of this community service is to provide education to increase children's knowledge and attitudes in preventing sexual violence and abuse. The method used is lectures through audio-visual media and health consultations with pre-activity, core and post-activity stages. Results: there was an increase in knowledge and attitudes in 100 children aged 7-10 years, mostly women who were educated about the importance of knowing which sexual organs to protect and how to ask for help if they experience sexual harassment. Conclusion: providing education can change children's attitudes in prevention and handling in case of sexual abuse of children..


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