Pemberdayaan Warga Medayu Utara Rungkut Surabaya yang Terdampak Pandemi COVID-19 Melalui Group Whatsapp


  • Sujinah Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya


affected, mutual cooperation, WhatsApp


Medayu Utara is an RT with a population of 98 families to be precise in RT 02 RW 14 Medayu Utara, Medokan Ayu Village, Rungkut District, Surabaya, East Java Province. Almost all of the residents of this village are migrants who come from various regions, especially from East Java. About 21% of the population is well established, the rest live just barely. Most of the people whose lives are mediocre or tend to be deficient, mostly fulfill their lives by selling vegetables, selling daily necessities, small shops, selling fried rice and fried noodles, laundry. There are also those who work as welders, exchange services for electronic equipment, car service, refrigerator service, drivers, rice pack sellers, mobile vegetable sellers, motorbikes, massage artisans and cooks. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some of them lost their jobs, and some of their businesses did not work. To overcome this problem, the author uses the method (a) to create a WhatsApp Group and (b) to empower affected people by utilizing their skills. The output target of this activity is generally to ease the burden on the affected people and in particular to create economic activities for residents who have lost their jobs. The results have been achieved (1) residents have an online market that has continued until now and (2) residents have economic activities so that they are able to support family needs.


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