Pelatihan Model Pembelajaran Individual Bagi Siswa Berkebutuhan Khusus Untuk Pemenuhan Pra-Kondisi Pendidikan Inklusif Di Sekolah Dasar Kota Bandung 2020


  • Endang Rusyani Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Pratiwi Azizah Ekarani Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Ainaya Zakhra Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


Guidance, Individual Learning, Inclusive Education


Problems the implementation of education inclusive that faced by teachers in the city of Bandung associated closely with the competencies and skills to optimize the potential of special needs student. Master teacher organizer of education inclusive in the city of Bandung is still much that is not yet skilled do assessment and design a program of learning that is individualized in turn teacher still provides the classes of classical and homogeneous for students with needs special . The impact , potential students are not developing in an optimal. The knowledge and skills that a teacher must possess is how to develop students' potential in individual learning in various classes . As a solution to the problem is , needs no coaching are done . Coaching is given to elementary school teachers in the city ​​of Bandung. The training that is given more substantially in improving the knowledge and skills assessment and program of learning that is individualized through practice . The results that are achieved are the teachers have the knowledge and skills to carry out an assessment to children through a problem that is projected that faced by each teacher. Results coaching teachers understand and practice in assessment and designing programs of learning that is individualized , with a design that presented a more innovative by improving the learning of individuals in various classes through a variety of methods and techniques that are already owned by each teacher.


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