PPM Pemeriksaan Urine Lengkap dan Glukosa Darah di Puskesmas Talango Pulau Poteran Sumenep Madura


  • Rahayu Anggraini UNUSA
  • Puji Astuti UNUSA
  • Lono Wijayanti UNUSA


complete urine examination, blood sugar, poteran sumenep madura island


Poteran Island, is a small island in Sumenep district, Madura. Access to health services is hampered by geography, weather and distance, so that this condition results in a lack of public attention to health, as well as quality of life. The purpose of community service is to determine the incidence of Diabetes Mellitus. In this service, a complete urine and blood glucose examination is performed, as well as analyzing the concentration of blood glucose levels with urine glucose, also analyzing the relationship of age and sex with the incidence of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus is characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood of more than 125 mg / dL, this condition can be worsened if in the urine is also positive for glucose. Complete glucose and urine examination using the POCT (Point of Care Testing) method. The number of respondents was 28 people in which 11 were female and 17 were male. From the results of this dedication found women suffer from DM 23.5% greater than men by 9.1%. At the age of 44-50 years found at 10%, age 51-57 years at 33.3%, and age 58-64 years at 14.3%. The urine glucose yield was negative, found as many as 60%, 20% positive two, and 20% positive three. The outputs of the community service activities were journal, awareness and understanding of DM in the community on Poteran Island, Sumenep Madura.


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