Model Pembelajaran Sentra Karakter Berbasis Aswaja Sebagai Upaya Pembinaan Karakter Guru dan Peserta Didik di TKM Mazra’atul Ulum Paciran


  • Jauharotur Rihlah Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya


learning model, character center, aswaja


Education has a very important role to realize superior human resources. Therefore, improving the quality of quality education must be a top priority in the national development program.

Mazra'atul Ulum Paciran TKM is a private educational institution located in the Lamongan coastal area precisely in the village of Paciran. Paciran villagers are in the middle to lower economic class, most paciran villagers work as fishermen, farmers, and housewives. In addition Paciran village is a boarding school area, so that villagers, especially teachers and students are required to have moral behavior and character which is in accordance with the culture in Paciran village. From the description above, it is necessary to provide guidance and increase the quality of education of human resources (teachers), the development of students, and good learning models.

The solution that can be given to the problems above is to create a Aswaja-based character center learning model. In the learning model the character center of children and teachers will be more active in activities because they will play according to their respective interests. The Aswaja-based character center learning model can be implemented by adding a variety of games about Aswaja, providing in-depth knowledge about Aswaja through various games, so that Islamic behavior and character in HR (teachers) and students remain formed and maintained through learning based centers that are done consistently.

Thus the solution to this problem is the Aswaja-based character learning center model as an effort to foster the character of teachers and students at TKM Mazra'atul Ulum Paciran. The solution was carried out in 2 stages, namely session 1 about preparation and session 2 about implementation. The output in session 1 was to increase the knowledge and skills of HR (teachers) in the Aswaja-based learning center model. The output in session 2 is expected to be able to run the Aswaja-based character center learning model in accordance with planning and consistently.


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