Pengembangan Produk Unggulan Desa Melalui Penyuluhan Dengan Pendekatan Manajemen Strategis Pada UKM di Desa Panggreh, Kecamatan Jabon, Kabupaten Sidoarjo


  • Muhamad Yusak Anshori Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • Riyan Sisiawan Putra Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya


Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management


Panggreh Village has 3 UKM, namely Convection, Food and Shoes UKM but these UKM still do not really understand entrepreneurship and strategic management in order to develop these UKM products so that UKM products become superior products in Panggreh Village. The purpose of this Community Service is to provide an understanding of Strategic Management in managing their business as well as to provide solutions to the difficulties faced by these UKM in running their business. We know that Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) are a strategic and important force in Indonesia's economic development. This method of implementing community service activities consists of three stages. The first is the preparation stage through pre-survey, team formation, proposal development, team coordination with partners, and preparation of materials for community service activities. The second stage is the program implementation stage in the form of socialization. Socialization is carried out through material presentation, question and answer and discussion. And the final stage is the reporting of the results of community service activities. After this Community Service has been carried out, the participants understand the material that has been delivered, this can be seen when the participants are very enthusiastic about this community service activity and there are many questions in the question and answer session. After this community service activity was completed, many of the participants were motivated and eager to develop UKM and wanted to obtain information and gain knowledge about entrepreneurship and strategic management for the development of UKM products and how to apply it, this was different from before they received Community Service from Unusa, where understanding will run the business and the problems faced there are no strategic solutions.


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