Parenting “Upaya Menggali Bakat Anak di RA AL Fitrah Kecamatan Kenjeran Surabaya”


  • Sri Hartatik Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • Nafiah Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • Abdul Muhith Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya


parenting, child talent


An understanding of how to educate and raise children must be understood and owned by parents so that children's growth and development can run optimally. The role of parents in developing children's talents is very large. Most parents do not understand the talents of children from an early age. Parents as educators must know the talents and interests of their children from an early age. With this knowledge, it will make it easier for parents to explore the potentials of children. RA Al Fitrah is one of the RAs located in the Kenjeran sub-district which is a formal educational institution for early childhood. RA Al Fitrah is one of the institutions that strongly supports children's talent search activities from an early age, so it is very important to hold a parenting seminar that provides understanding to parents / guardians of students to find out how to explore children's talents from an early age so that after participating in this activity, it is hoped that parents are able to recognize children's talents and direct children's potential according to their talents and interests. The method of implementation in community service programs is through a parenting seminar entitled "Finding Children's Talent" for parents and teachers of Roudlotul Atfal (RA) Al Fitrah in Kejeran District, Surabaya. This parenting seminar goes through 3 (three) stages, namely: Pre-activity, activity implementation, and post-activity. The parenting seminar entitled "Finding Children's Talent" for the guardians of students and teachers of Roudlotul Atfal (RA) Al Fitrah in the Kejeran sub-district, Surabaya city ran smoothly and successfully because of the support of various parties involved in community service, especially the principal of RA Al Fitrah, who fully support in preparing the parenting venue and parenting participants. Teachers and guardians were very enthusiastic about this parenting activity and even most of the parents who attended said that so far they did not understand the hidden talents of each of their children. The result of this community activity is an increase in the understanding of parents about how to explore children's talents. The pre-test results related to understanding in determining children's talents were 55, and the mean score of their understanding after parenting was 78.


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