Efforts To Increase The Development Of Local Cattlein The Bulauwan 2 Village, Sub District Kotabunan, District Bolaang Mongondow Timur


  • Lentji Rinny Ngangi Sam Ratulangi University
  • Jouke Hendrik Manopo Sam Ratulangi University
  • Santie H. Turangan Sam Ratulangi University


increase, population, local cattle


The problem of food availability is a problem that faced by Indonesia, and this is not only responsibility by the goverment, but also all elements of society. The university is expected to make a major contribution in dealing with food problems considering that universities are centers of education, research and community services. Cattle are one of the livestock that can be relied on by the community as a source of protein. To maximize the potencies of cattle, it is necessary to pay attention to reproductive management, which includes the right time for breeding. The problem is that breeders do not know the right reproductive technology to increase the rate of development of cattle. Problem solving needs to be approached through several aspects including conducting counseling. On the basis of the concept of technical reproduction services that must grow from two directions, namely from farmer breeders through their groups and from supervisory agencies (university), it is necessary to have an integrated and sustainable development and technical service activities that lead to an attitude of independence. Based on the above ideas, community service activities have been carried out in the form of counseling with the aim of improving the quality of breeders in knowledge and utilization of artificial insemination technology. It is hoped that this activity can be responded well by breeders.


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