Pendampingan Kader Lansia dalam Penataan Desan Bebas Hipertensi dan Ramah Lansia di Kelurahan Kupang Kecamatan Jabon, Sidoarjo


  • Iis Noventi Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • Yanis Kartini Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya


Elderly with hypertension, Cadre elderly, Hypertension free village, Elderly friendly village


Hypertension is a disease that needs to be given extra care because if it does not have an impact on health, especially the health
of the elderly. The prevalence of hypertension increases with increasing age. This pathological condition, if not treated quickly
and early, will increase the risk. The goal of community service is to increase the role of health cadres in efforts to organize
hypertension-free and elderly-friendly villages in Kupang village, Sidoarjo Regency. The method used is First, training in
mentoring cadres of Germasia (Elderly Friendly Movement) as an effort to prepare elderly mentoring. The second stage is early
detection through blood pressure checks and interviews with a questionnaire on lifestyle factors that affect the risk of
hypertension. The third stage is the formation of management and person in charge of sports activities in the form of fitness
exercises for the elderly, especially gymnastics for people with hypertension. The fourth stage is creating a garden for the elderly
and doing gardening activities by making a Bedarti toga garden (free of high blood pressure). The fifth stage is to establish a
smart home for the elderly by providing education about healthy lifestyles for sufferers who are at risk of hypertension and those
already exposed to hypertension. The result of this community service activity is that the elderly with hypertension and cadres as
activators can know and understand about early symptom detection and early prevention of complications.


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