Sosialisasi Deteksi Kanker Payudara Dengan Teknik SADARI Pada Wanita Pekerja


  • Merry Sunaryo Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • Ari Anda Putri Melati Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya
  • M. Ilham Rizqi Dermawan Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya


Breast Cancer, SADARI, Early Detection


Cancer is one of the major death-causing diseases of the century, one of the most deadly cancers, especially in women, is breast cancer. In the world, cases of breast cancer in women with the highest percentage of new cases (43.3%) and the highest percentage of death (12.9%). Based on Basic Health Research data of

2013, the prevalence of breast cancer in Indonesia reaches 0.5 per 1000 women. This is, the main purpose of the socialization of breast cancer detection with SADARI technique in women workers who are carried out in the area of social foundations nurul haqq, Sidoarjo. The provision of socialization using the extension method that comes with the provision of pretest and posttest. This activity was attended by a total of 40 women. Judging from the results of pre test, only 52.5% of people who know about breast cancer. But after the counseling or provision of information about breast cancer, post test results most people understand or know about breast cancer disease that is equal to 97.5%. It can be concluded that there is an increase in public knowledge because there is an increase in post test higher than pre test value, and indicates that community service is successful.


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